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Employer and Community Resources

To solve Northwest Colorado’s substance use disorder problem, we need everyone’s awareness and help. If someone you work with or know may be struggling with SUD, you can be a lifeline. Research shows that social connections matter deeply to people with SUD and are integral to recovery. It’s never too soon to reach out. In fact, early intervention often helps head off worsening trouble and could prevent a tragedy.


Employer and Community

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Where to Start

1. Learn more.

To learn more about symptoms, risks, treatment options, emergency care, and other critical topics, visit Call Colorado Crisis Services at 844-493-8255 (or text them at 38255) to talk to a trained counselor about any particular problems you’re seeing.

2. Help mentor your community.

As an employer, manager or community leader, you are such an important link in the chain. You can help by creating an open culture in your organization. The more people feel safe talking about their experiences and valued no matter what, the more likely we are to see positive SUD outcomes as well as prevent additional substance use disorders.

3. Talk to the people you’re concerned about.

Express your concern. “I care about you and want you to get help” is a positive message. Try to avoid blaming and arguing. Offer to help them make an appointment with a counselor, primary-care provider or clinic.

NOTE: If this is an emergency, call 911 immediately.


There are many excellent substance use disorder treatment and recovery resources right here in our community.

Front Range Clinic

Steamboat: 320 Oak St. (970) 761-2207


Mind Springs Health

Craig: 439 Breeze St. (970) 824-6541
Steamboat: 407 S. Lincoln Ave. (970) 879-2141
Meeker: 267 6th St. (970) 878-5112
Walden: 350 McKinley St. (970) 723-0055


Northwest Colorado Health

Steamboat: 940 Central Park Dr, Suite 101 (970) 879-1632

Craig: 745 Russell St. (970) 824-8233


Providence Recovery

Craig: 390 Yampa Avenue (970) 824-5433


EasyCare Colorado

If you have Medicaid, you can speak with a doctor or counselor for free via phone or video. They have Spanish-speaking therapists and can also schedule in Spanish. They use an interpretation line with over 200 different languages available.


Colorado Crisis Services

If you need to talk or text with someone right now, you can contact Colorado Crisis Services. (844) 493-8255.


Just Five

RAS-Col has partnered with Shatterproof to provide 5-minute lessons on substance use disorder.