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Personal Resources

If you think your substance use might be having a negative impact on your life and the lives of those you care about, you’ve come to the right place. Your Northwest Colorado community is here to support you.

Researchers now know that addiction is a complex medical problem caused by biological and societal issues. It is not your fault, but as with any illness, it is up to you to get help and follow treatment advice.



Click for I'm a person who uses substances

Where to Start

1. Talk to a counselor.

Colorado Crisis Services offers free, confidential, professional counseling on the phone. Call 844-493-8255 or text 38255. You need not be in an immediate crisis to call. Counselors are available to answer your initial questions and discuss your concerns.

2. Make a screening appointment.

Physicians, nurses, social workers, substance use disorder counselors and other healthcare professionals in our community are trained to assess whether you may have a substance use disorder, how severe it is, and how best to treat it.

3. Open up to people who care about you.

Being open and honest about your substance use struggles allows others to support you. They can help you make a screening appointment and follow through on treatment. Your community cares about you and wants to help.

NOTE: If this is an emergency, call 911 immediately.


There are many excellent substance use disorder treatment and recovery resources right here in our community.

Community Groups

CHOW – Culinary Hospitality Outreach Wellness

CHOW hosts meetings centered around mental health and wellness for those in the Hospitality industry. They meet weekly in Steamboat and also offer virtual meetings.

The Steamboat group meets on Tuesdays at 2:30 pm at Rex’s American Grill.

Clean and Sober – Craig & Steamboat

Clean and Sober Craig and Clean and Sober Steamboat are community groups run by the Recovery Team at The Health Partnership Serving Northwest Colorado.

These event-based organizations create a community for those in recovery and their supporters. They host workouts, social events and more. Follow them on Facebook for updates!

SoBoat Steamboat

SoBoat is an online peer-to-peer forum for individuals seeking recovery and supporting those in recovery. The group puts on live events, sometimes in conjunction with Clean and Sober Steamboat.

If you are located in or near Steamboat Springs, SoBoat Steamboat is a group of like-minded individuals that strive for recovery and life. The group provides encouragement via social media and is not faith-based or 12-step. Follow them on Instagram or Facebook to be connected to others struggling with SUD.

Community Treatment Providers

Come As You Are (CAYA)

Phone: (970) 879-9813

CAYA is a free 12-month Christ-centered residential treatment program located in Steamboat Springs for women overcoming addictions.

EasyCare Colorado

A convenient resource that allows you to virtually speak with a medical provider.

If you have Medicaid, you can speak with a doctor or counselor for free via phone or video. They have Spanish-speaking therapists and can also schedule in Spanish. They use an interpretation line with over 200 different languages available.

Colorado Crisis Services

Phone: (844) 493-8255

Colorado Crisis Services offers an abundance of local and statewide resources for individuals struggling with SUD. If you need to talk or text with someone right now, you can contact Colorado Crisis Services. This is not a local resource.

Foundry Treatment Center

Location: Steamboat, 1915 Alpine Plaza
Phone: (858) 239-1066

Foundry Steamboat tailors care plans that coordinate psychiatry, psychotherapy, specialized psychoeducation, physical fitness and wellness and recreational activities for a comprehensive approach to care. Programs offered include detox, residential, PHP and virtual IOP.

Front Range Clinic

Location: Steamboat, 320 Oak St.
Phone: (970) 761-2207

Front Range Clinic offers treatment for all types of addictions, including alcohol, opioids, cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana and other substances. It focuses on medical treatment for additions and offers tele-counseling. There is a sliding scale fee and funding for individuals who do not have insurance.

Mobile Units are provided throughout Routt, Moffat, Rio Blanco and Jackson counties. Learn more about mobile health services here.

Mind Springs Health


Craig: 439 Breeze St.
Phone: (970) 824-6541

Steamboat: 407 S. Lincoln Ave.
Phone: (970) 879-2141

Meeker: 267 6th St.
Phone: (970) 878-5112

Walden: 350 McKinley St.
Phone: (970) 723-0055

MindSprings Health treats individuals with mental illnesses and SUD. It provides counseling options, including individual and family therapy, intensive outpatient and other groups. Staff can also help individuals sign up for Medicaid and access other forms of support like food stamps.

Northwest Colorado Health


Steamboat: 940 Central Park Dr, Suite 101
Phone: (970) 879-1632

Craig: 745 Russell St.
Phone: (970) 824-8233

Northwest Colorado Health offers integrated primary care, counseling and dental care services to anyone who needs it, regardless of ability to pay. Through integrated care, staff offers Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) which combines long-term behavioral therapy and FDA-approved medications in primary care to treat opioid addiction. It’s the most effective path to recovery.

Oxford House Elk Mountain

Location: Craig, Colorado
Phone: (970) 620-4293

Oxford House Elk Mountain is, an eight bed sober living residence for men, located in Craig.

Providence Recovery

Location: Craig, 390 Yampa Ave.
Phone: (970) 824-5433

Providence Recovery offers treatment for all types of addictions, including alcohol, opioids, cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana and other substances. It focuses on medical treatment and counseling for addictions, and offers individual and group counseling, including a longer form of counseling called Intensive Outpatient.

Travis House

Location: Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Phone: (970) 846-6451

Travis House is a faith-based sober living residence for men located in Steamboat Springs.

Health Resources

The Health Partnership Serving Northwest Colorado

Location: Steamboat, 2720 Lincoln Ave.
Phone: (970) 875-3630

The Health Partnership helps individuals overcome economic, cultural and health-related barriers, including any perceived stigma, and reduces health inequities by providing resources. Services include care coordination, health coverage and recovery support.

Less Rx Program

This pilot program offers non-opioid treatment options and integrative healthcare for all.

This Steamboat-based program offers financial assistance for those in need of integrative healthcare treatments. A lack of adequate insurance coverage, financial barriers, or an unwillingness to try treatments beyond prescription drugs for injury or surgery recovery can lead to long-term use of opioid pain medications.

Tough as a Mother: Stronger than Addiction

Tough as a Mother is a new public awareness campaign, launching in May 2020, to help connect Colorado mothers with dependent children to substance use treatment providers in their communities. The campaign will rely on a mix of strategies, including partner engagement, community outreach, and traditional and digital media advertising and marketing, to reach mothers who are struggling with alcohol or other drugs.

Tough as a Mother: Stronger than Addiction connects Colorado mothers with dependent children to substance use treatment providers in their communities.